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Health Protection Tips Using Garlic

How about a herbal bath or hairwash with conditioner? The answer of course, is Garlic!

Run yourself a bath, you can cut the stalk, peel, but this time leave the cloves whole to soak for an hour in very hot water. This aids cleaning the latter hour easily and helps destroy parasites and infections like scabies (though rare).

Start by washing your hair, rubbing well into the roots and rinsing out, then wash the rest of the body running a flannel over it and using a nylon brush to clean your nails. Never use soap; it dries out the scalp and skin very powerfully, ageing it faster than is natural, then many of us have to spend good money on unnecessary creams to put that right.

If you don't want bits of Garlic floating in your bath, first make a pot of tea with the chopped Garlic, then let it steep for 15 minutes while your bath runs, finally pour it all through a strainer into the bath.

Incidentally, whilst you run the bath, why not almost close the window to about a inch or so, and shut the door; the steam will then give you a 30 minute sauna as well, and clear those breathing tubes of yours!

Also, do you want to stop invasions of flies and midges in summer? After you get out of your bath, don't empty the water; leave the Garlic in it all day with your windows open, because the insects can smell the Garlic, whilst you cannot, and they'll make a very quick exit from your home!

The same anal application as the general health protection I've described, was an old method of treating piles from Roman times, and still very effective as such.

The occasional outbreak of worms in children can still be stopped with small doses of Garlic (not recommended under 4 years, and only one clove at a time).

Garlic also provides the body with quite a range of vitamins and minerals, too. Of course it's a well known protection against heart disease and strokes. Some of us even like to eat it!

This information is free of charge; however, I do welcome any gift that you can afford. This will be greatly appreciated to help spread my publicity campaign outside of the Internet. Eventually, I would also like to set up my own practice, as there is no NHS service to cover natural products like this as an alternative to drugs. That's why so many people are getting ripped off by these multinationals. I have setup a simple credit card donation area for any contributions.

Meanwhile, enjoy good health for many years to come. The eastern europeans do; their diet consists of Garlic, and they are still working in the fields, at well over 100 years of age. And that's before they get any Allicin! In the old testament, I believe that some of our greatest prophets lived for hundreds of years, well past their three score and ten. What was their secret then? Some rare plant? Or even Garlic? Who knows the answer? But I will never again be without it, since four years ago, I had a depleted immune system, with chronic bronchitis, bordering on pneumonia. I haven't today.

I am quite sure that this discovery about "Allicin" will eventually replace all antibiotics in the world as a cure-all for which the reputation for garlic has already been called throughout history. I hope you will find benefit of this remarkable medicine and live as long as the eastern Europeans once did. Thank you for reading all this information and I hope this has given you a real medical chest of goodies.

So, do the right thing. Tell as many people as you can about what I have told you, because to date, there are more than 800 antibiotics which are physically redundant and there's worse to come, because we have overdosed our bodies on them. You are made up of 16 elements, plus water. Use natural medicine to fight off unwanted disease and leave the drugs alone in the medicine cabinet with all their side effects that nobody wants. Instead, discover the benefits of natural, helpful Garlic Medicine. You'll be able very glad that you did.

Lastly, to the medical profession in the UK and abroad: please, please try my cheap method as written in a trial of patients who knows waht benefit it could bring the people of Africa and elsewhere with a high incidence of AIDS. To all you citizens of the world, I wish you good healthy living.

Brian Frankling

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