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Brian Frankling on Garlic as a remarkable medicine
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Garlic: Holistic Medicine

Garlic Flowerso Do you suffer more than your fair share of colds, flu and low immunity?
o Do you lose precious hours and days of vigour you could be using for work, family and fun?
o Are you fed up, like me, with being ripped off by health shops for their expensive products?

If you are interested in a solution, please continue reading. This method is reliable, the information is given here freely, without charge and it will cost you only small change in your standard household shopping to buy what you need.

It's a well known fact nowadays that Garlic is an extraordinarily powerful aid for the immune system in fighting infections and controlling viruses. Garlic also has a good reputation for protecting against heart disease and strokes.

But although some of us love it in our food, many of us just don't - and few of us like constantly eating it in the quantity required for health maintenance, if only because of the smell. Perhaps most important of all, most of us don't realise that the usual methods of taking Garlic are ineffective, and simply fail to deliver most of what we take into the bloodstream.

My method ensures that you can take completely adequate quantities of Garlic...
o without having to eat it constantly
o without reeking of it in all directions
o without paying out for expensive bottles of capsules, instead my method costs next to nothing

My method also works with the body's own natural strengths following ancient customs used for thousands of years. No pills, no drugs, nothing artificial.

I have been successfully using this traditional method of applying Garlic for many years, in particular for a serious chest condition. Four years ago, I had a depleted immune system, with chronic bronchitis, bordering on pneumonia. I haven't today. Many other people have benefited from this information already.

The only warning is to diabetics who should consult their medical adviser about using this method as it affects blood sugars.

How It Works Find out how garlic actually works...

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