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Garlic Health Protection Method

Now as described already we absolutely must get the raw Garlic into the intestines fast before it is deteriorated by atmospheric oxygen. Garlic juice through suppositories taken as regular therapy is the most beneficial.

I recommend it for bowel cancer, prostate cancer and lung diseases. The approximate dosage is still 1 - 3 cloves yielding about 5ml of juice per clove daily, with the average of two cloves taken together in a single dose. More can be added if required up to a total of 6 cloves. Saturation point is reached when urine increases markedly. Like any antibiotic, levels will drop off quite quickly, so always replace cloves after a visit to the toilet. I recommend that you carry a small plastic knife with a cutting edge to peel the clove outside of your home. If you are caught short and need to use a public toilet, don't stop the treatment, even for 24 hours. It is permanent and will replace your immune system largely if your own is failing.

Well, we know that passing it downwards from the mouth is long, slow and extremely inefficient as the digestive juices destroy its effect. But going upwards from the other end of the digestive system is short, fast and efficient. <Now please don't click away immediately!> I know English speaking people like us are very shy about this region of the body. But we're talking about health here, about what works to keep your body vigorous and comfortable. So if you could just wait and consider a moment, it might lead to that strong active health we all want so much. If you are an admirer of French culture then you will feel reassured that French medical practitioners have always known that it is far more efficient to take medicines upwards rather than downwards. The construction of the rectal wall is highly permeable so the colon is the most absorbent organ in the body. A Garlic clove taken via the anal route, is instantly shut off from all air by built in, useful muscles, until the vital "Allicin" is absorbed through the lower intestine (the colon). Here it will use the oxygen in the blood with the body's natural enzymes to break down its composition. This takes less than 20 minutes.

It is very safe using the herb this way. A normal dose is up to 3 cloves of Garlic (a clove is each section of Garlic that clusters on the round bulb like segments of an orange).

Garlic Cloves

Garlic Kit

1 plastic bowl
1 plastic plate
1 plastic knife with a cutting edge
garlic bulb

Practical Instructions

You need at least one whole bulb of Garlic - the bulb is a big round lumpy root. The bulb is made up of a number of cloves, which are segments like the segments of an orange. You can get a whole string of Garlic bulbs very cheaply from any vegetable department, greengrocers or many delicatessens.

Press the cloves apart very firmly by hand till they separate. It can help to strip off some of the white papery wrapping. (If you want to use most or all of the cloves today, cut the stalk off the top of the bulb to make separating the cloves easier.)

Cut the stalk - the thickest end - off each clove. Run a nail along the clove lengthways to open the skin.

Peel its thin reddish skin off to get the bare, creamy white clove. (If you find this fiddly at first, you can get gadgets that help.)

Inserting the Garlic clove is gentler for your body if you smooth the clove with a little water based lubricant, such as KY Jelly, or natural spit, to dampen it before you push it in place. An anus is such a delicate thing! Keep gently pushing the clove upwards, the uncut end first, until the clove moves away from your touch by itself and your body has taken it over from you. Once it's gone upwards you won't feel it there.

Of course wash your hands afterwards.

Garlic FlowersTreatment doses for flu may require you to take an average of six cloves, at half hour intervals, allowing the time for them to slip comfortably up the back passage, but don't worry; you have nearly nine feet of colon, and you are using less than a few inches of it! And the cloves will pass naturally away later when you visit the toilet, having given you their healing ingredients.

If you take a high dose of Garlic for illness it is extremely helpful to increase your water intake as a high dose can dehydrate. You will enjoy a high, like taking alcohol in small quantities. If you start to feel thirsty or slightly muzzy you can correct this instantly by drinking water.

Side effects over the years have been minimal. Now, I am 69 years old and have used this method for the past seven years. I had slight haemorrhoids too which have now healed. It mended my broken eardrum (stirrup bone) last year; colds and flu were dealt with within hours.

My main research text has been "The Healing Power Of Garlic" (Bergner, Paul, 1995) USA/Canada Ref: ISBN-0-7615-0098-7, and well worth a good read.

Diabetics should consult their medical adviser before using Garlic in any form as garlic does reduce blood sugar levels.

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