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How Garlic Works For Medical Use

Garlic contains a natural antibiotic called Allicin which circulates in the blood to cleanse it of hostile microbes and viruses. Allicin is therefore an especial aid to the vital life support carried out by the liver, our major health protector. The new yet old antibiotic, antiviral Allicin, has been derived from Garlic for over 5,000 years.

Garlic ClovesFirst, you can forget using Garlic by mouth. You don't need to do that, so no more breath smell, but even more importantly, taking Garlic by mouth destroys a great deal of its effect. Taking it by mouth loses most of the Allicin to the digestive processes before it arrives anywhere useful.

Also it's an unstable compound, whose life is lost in mere hours when it is crushed and exposed to air. The only way to crush Garlic is in a vacuum, or, after shredding it, put in water and heat up the water to steam. This releases the Allicin by destroying the oxygen in the water. You will then be left with only a powder, but still you will lose some of the Allicin by the heat process.

Allicin is only formed in the intestines, working with the body's own enzymes. But we need to get the raw Garlic to this body site just as fast as possible, uncrushed, and as unaffected by atmospheric oxygen as possible.

It is not only an antibiotic; it is also an antiseptic, a traditional remedy for worms in children, and used externally to dress wounds, most dramatically in World War I, when no antibiotics were available. Many people then relied on Garlic after injury to their limbs, to prevent the horrors of gangrene.

Method For practical method of use with garlic click here

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